Make lines on your board with our whiteboard line tape.

Whiteboard Line Tape

Whiteboard Line Tape

Whiteboard line tape is used to create a line on a whiteboard, making columns, boxes or rows.  They are permanent lines that do not rub off when the writing on the whiteboard is erased.  This saves the time of drawing lines on after each time it is erased as it leaves the whiteboard tape behind.  Octopus have been supplying gridding tape in Manchester for many years.  We can supply either Nobo tape or our own 5 Star value range.  We offer free delivery in Manchester and Cheshire or anywhere where we use our own vehicles.

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Self Adhesive Whiteboard Line Tape

Whiteboard line tape comes in 2 main sizes, 1.5mm, 3mm and 6mm thicknesses.  The 1.5mm tape is much more popular than the 3mm and 6mm due to the fact that it is more like the line that a marker pen makes on a board.  The colours that are available are black, red, blue and green.

Nobo gridding tape is the most common whiteboard line tape.  The length of theirNobo-3mm-red-gridding-tape standard self adhesive tape is 10m long.  These are only available in 1.5mm and 3mm and in black and red colour.  The Nobo whiteboard tape also comes in a handy dispenser that makes it easier to apply the tape to your board.

Magnetic Gridding Tape

Magnetic whiteboard tape is designed for use on magnetic whiteboards only.  It comes in a standard size of 10mm x 5m and in a selection of colours including black, white, red, blue, green and yellow.

Nobo magnetic whiteboard tape is also a 10mm x 5m tape and is available in a smaller range of colours, those being black, blue red and green.

Other Whiteboard Accessories

As well as whiteboard line tape, we also supply other whiteboard accessories.  Items such as dry wipe markers, dry wipe erasers, coloured magnets, chrome magnets and magnetic sheets or lettering.  If there is something that you cannot find, please give us a call on 0161 429 8118.

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