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Octopus supply a wide range of calculators for use in school, office or personal situations.

Pocket Calculator

Small hand held pocket calculators are designed to fit into a jacket pocket or the pocket of overalls.  It sometimes has a wraparound cover to protect the screen and buttons from getting damaged when not in use.  Pocket calculators normally has just the basic functions.

Desk Calculator

The desk calculator is the most popular that we supply.  It has all of the normal calculator functions, plus standard tax functions.  Some desk calculators also have a tilting display or a flip up stand on the back to help with the angle from a sitting position.

Scientific Calculator

Scientific calculators are most commonly used by students, electicians or mathematitions that need to do more sophisticated calculations.

Calculator With Paper Roll

There are still some businesses that have accounts departments that require a calculator with a printout paper roll.  There are some that print in black only whilst others print in black and red.  Printout calculators can be battery or mains operated.