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Rotating Whiteboard

A rotating whiteboard is ideal for any office that needs flexibility.  They are available in a selection of sizes to suit any requirement.  For ordering information, please call our sales office on 0161 429 8118.

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Presentation Mobility

The flexibility of a revolving whiteboard makes it ideal for the office where a permanent board would be too restrictive.  These boards can be moved from office to office or training room to boardroom as and when required.  Being on wheels means they can be moved by anybody without the need to be physically strong enough to lift the unit.

Double Sided Presentation

The standard rotating whiteboard comes double sided as standard.  The standard non-magnetic whiteboard is plain white on one side and has a feint grid printed on the other.  This enables graphs and diagrams to be drawn using the feint lines as a guide that the audience cannot see.

Magnetic Rotating Whiteboard

The magnetic rotating whiteboard is double sided and is made from a coated steel, so it will accept magnets to both sides.  This type of board is available to rotate horizontally or vertically and is on casters to be wheeled form one location to another.  2 of the casters lock so that once in position it will not move around during the presentation.

Vertical or Horizontal Pivoting

Rotating Whiteboards are available in either horizontal or vertical pivoting.  The horizontal pivot means that the board flips over.  This means that the writing on one side of the board will turn upside down on the rear when it has been flipped over.  The horizontal pivot requires less room behind the board for the rotation.  The vertical pivot requires more room to rotate, however the writing or images on the board will stay the same way up as it rotates vertically and not horizontally.

Rotating Whiteboard Sizes

Rotating boards are available in a selection of sizes from 1200 x 900mm (this size revolving-glass-boardcomes in portrait or landscape format). There is also square 1200mm board, a 1500 x 1200mm and a 1200 x 1800mm board options (these are all landscape format).

Free Delivery

Octopus offer free delivery of rotating whiteboards all over the UK.  Due to the size of these boards, delivery is generally 2 days from ordering.  To purchase a rotating whiteboard, please call our sales office on 0161 429 8118.

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