What type of Pukka Pads do you use?

pukka pads

Pukka Pads

Pukka Pads are the choice of professionals

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Pukka Jotta A4 and A5 Notebooks

Pukka notebooks are available in a selection of sizes from A6 up to A4.  They come in several types from the basic Jotta pad, a recycled range and up to the vellum high end notebook.  There is also a Project book that has tabs and page markers, an elastic band to keep it neatly closed and a world map.

Pukka Project Books

The Pukka Project Book is designed for the busy professional that is on the move.  The book has a hard cover that Project Bookwill keep the wire bound pages in good condition.  Repositionable dividers allow you to keep your important pages marked so you can find what you need quickly without searching every time.  The pages in a Pukka Project Book are perforated, so should you need to remove a sheet it has a nice clean edge that looks professional.

Pukka Hardback Notebook

The Pukka silver range of hardback notebooks are made with high quality 80gsm paper.  The silver hardback covers provide a distinctive protective cover to the ruled and margin A4 sheets.  The Pukka silver range come in both A4 and A5 sizes with a black twin wire to keep the pages neat.

Pukka Recycled Notebooks

The Pukka Recycled range is available in A5 and A4 and have 110 pages of 80g paper that is both perforated and Recycled A5 Notebookpunched.  It is bound with twin wire and punched with 4 holes for easy filing once that have been removed.  Pukka Recycled notebooks are made from 100% recycled paper, which makes them amongst the most environmentally friendly pads that you can buy.

Pukka Pads In Manchester

If you are looking for a supplier of Pukka Pads in Manchester, look no further.  Octopus have been delivering pads by Pukka and other manufacturers since 2002 and make deliveries into Manchester every day from our main store in Stockport.  If you require a same day delivery, we can normally help with this, just give us a call on 0161 429 8118.

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