Pigeon Holes


Pigeon holes are ideal for business centres or post rooms

If you run a business with lots of people or departments receiving mail, a mail sorter or pigeon hole will help keep it organised.

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Steel Mailsorter

The Versapak mailsorter is a plastic coated steel pigeon hole system that is extremely robust.  It comes as standard withsteel-mail-sorter 24 compartments and that are approximately 10″ wide x 7″ high and 15″ deep.  It can be placed on top of a bench, desk or storage unit, so it does not have to occupy floor space.  There is also the option to buy additional bays in groups of 6 that can easily be attached to the side making this pigeon hole unit very flexible.

Post Room Floor Standing Sorter

If you have a post room that needs a pigeon hole system or just needs updating, we have the ideal solution.  You can buy a floor standing unit made from high quality materials that come in beech or maple and have a 2 year guarantee.  These units can be added together to create mail boxes for up to 44 departments per bay, so the number of bays is infinite.

Literature Sorter

For a more lightweight literature sorter, we supply a range of pigeon holes that are made from a robust melamine wooden-mail-sorterlaminated particle board.  The self assembly literature unit comes in 3 sizes, 24 compartment, 36 compartment and a large 72 compartment unit.  Each unit comes with labels for each individual compartment so that paperwork, literature, mail or forms can be organised.

Paperflow Mail Sorters

If assembling your own pigeon hole is not your cup of tea, we also supply ready assembled mail sorters.  They are available in 24 or 36 compartment and can be used for mail as well as literature or frequently used forms.  They come complete with label holders, so that each compartment can be labelled with it’s contents.

Need help choosing A Pigeon Hole System?

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