Find quality office furniture for home study in many finishes.


Office Furniture For Home

Octopus supply a range of office furniture for the home office.  Delivered and assembled by our own staff in the Manchester area.

Desk For Home Office

Most desks for the home study or home office are smaller than your typical office desk.  They are amazon-deskgenerally somewhere between 1200mm and 1400mm in length and approximately 600mm deep.  The reason for this is that they are often supplied to people for use in small bedrooms or studies where space is limited.

Chair For Home Office

The chair for a home office or study should be no different to that of a normal office chair.  After all, the person using it can be sat for long periods of time, just like in a normal office environment.  We supply a wide range of chairs from a simple operators chair to a full leather executive chair.  Whatever your requirements are, we’re sure to have a suitable chair for you.

Bookcase For Home Officerio-bookcase

Bookcases for the home office can be slightly narrower than the standard office bookcase.  There are several ranges to choose from and some are a little more stylish than your standard run of the mill bookcase.  The Rio and Porto ranges have particularly stylish lines and design.

Storage Cupboard For Home Office

Storage cupboards for the office at home are similar to normal office storage cupboards except they can be slightly narrower.  This is because home offices are commonly short of space, so tall and narrow is seen as best.

Delivery Of Office Furniture For Home

Octopus are based in the Manchester area and as such are able to offer a high level of service to our local customers that want office furniture for home.  We can help you to plan your study, deliver it to your door and assemble it too if required to do so.

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