Lexmark Printer Supplies

Lexmark Printer Supplies Manchester

Lexmark Printer Supplies Manchester

 What Lexmark Printer Supplies Does Your Machine Need?

Lexmark produce a wide range of inkjet and laser printers, the smallest of which uses just one colour cartridge.  They also make some of the largest and fastest colour laser printers.

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Lexmark Inkjet Cartridges

Octopus supply ink cartridges for the whole of the Lexmark range of inkjet printers.  Among the first ink cartridges from were the Lexmark No 16 (10N0016) black cartridge and No26 (10N0026) colour cartridge, which were to fit the early colour inkjet printers such as the X2240 and Z645.

Lexmark Black Toner Cartridges

Lexmark make a range of mono laser printers from the smallest desktop printer to a huge freestanding multi-fuction device.  Octopus stock manytoner-cartridges of the toners in the Lexmark range from the 12016SE , which is to fit the Lexmark E120 laser printer.  we also stock some of the giant black toner cartridges such as the T654X11E which has a page life of up to 36,000 pages.  This toner will fit the T654 and T656 mono machine.

Lexmark Colour Toner Cartridges

Lexmark manufacture some of the fastest colour laser printers in the world and Octopus can deliver many of them the next day.  The C522n and C524n for example use the C5220KS, C5220CS, C5220MS and C5220YS toner cartridges.  Each of these colour toners have a page life of 3,000 prints and the black a page yield of 4,000 pages.

Lexmark Printer Supplies Same Day

At Octopus we pride ourselves in our ability to react fast to urgent needs.  Because we stock lots of Lexmark printer supplies and also because we have access to many more, we can very often deliver toner and ink cartridges the same day in Manchester.  If you have an urgent requirement, call our sales office on 0845 8124 888 for assistance.

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