We remember the days when laminating machines were huge, bulky contraptions that smelt out the office with an odd but appealing smell of burnt plastic.

The fear that you would somehow laminate wrong and set the whole office on fire was never far away. Thankfully like a great many office machines, office laminators or laminating machines have come a very long way.

laminating machines
GBC Fusion 1000L A3 Laminating Machines

Now more compact, easy to use, mostly smell free and extremely safe they are perfect for home and office use. The GBC Fusion 1000L A3 Laminator is a great example of how things have moved on.

It warms up in 4 minutes and laminates an A3 document in less than a minute using a 2×75 micron pouch.

It guarantees perfect results at the flick of a switch, with a helpful green indicator light to signal it has warmed up and is ready for use. Complete with a 2-year guarantee it is a great choice for small to medium offices.

Now the question is what are you laminating? There are great ways to use your laminating machines and here are just a few;

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