Computer Supplies

Octopus can deliver your computer supplies with your office stationery.  Free delivery across the Manchester area.

Computer Supplies Manchester

Computer Supplies Manchester

Whether it is printer paper, a keyboard or mouse, a monitor or something to clean your PC with, Octopus can help.

Keyboards  Mouse Wired   Mouse Wireless   Mouse & Keyboard Rests   Monitor Risers & Arms   Laptop Cases   PC Cleaning   Flash Drives   Screen Filter   Printer Cartridges

Keyboards -Wired and Wireless

We stock a selection of keyboards, some that are wired and some wireless.  The makes that we have available are Logitech, Cherry, Microsoft, Kensington and Hama.

Mouse – Wired and Wireless

Octopus supply a large range of mice for use with laptops and PCs.  The wired variety tend to have a 1.2m cable, which is why more and more people are turning to wireless.

The manufacturers that we stock are Cherry, Logitech, Hama, Kensington and Microsoft.

Computer Cleaning

Our computer cleaning supplies cover everything from the keyboard and mouse, to the screen and casing.  We supply special kits for keyboards which have swabs and brushes to get between the keys.

PC Monitors

Monitors come in a massive range of sizes these days.  Ranging from 17″ up to 28″, there really is a size for every user.  Our LED monitors are made by HannsG and LG.

Computer Headsets

The computer headsets that we supply are either USB or 3.5mm jack plug.  Some headsets have a microphone built in whilst others are only headphones.  The makes that we stock are Hama and Logitech.

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