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Octopus stock a large range of clipboards from including plastic, metal, wooden and PVC.  We stock them in all several sizes too, A5, A4 / foofscap and A3.  We can even supply them printed with your company logo or name.

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A5 Clipboards

We supply A5 clipboards in either wooden or plastic.  The wooden variety are made of either hardboard, masonite or real wood.  The plastic A5 boards are available in black, blue or red plastic and there is also a fold-over version too.  The A5 clipboard are all available by special order, just call our sales office for more information.

A4 Clipboards

The A4 clipboard is by far the most popular that we supply.  They are available in hard plastic, PVC, Metal or wooden.  The hard plastic Hard Plastic Clipboardtype come in lots of different colours such as lime green, pink and clear.

Hard Plastic Clipboard

The hard plastic type are A4 size rather than foolscap size.  The hard plastic clipboard is generally made of a translucent plastic and have a chrome light duty clip.

PVC Clipboards

The PVC clipboard is the most popular that we supply.  They are available in standard colours such as red, blue and black with a chrome clip.  The PVC clipboard comes in the standard single or foldover versions and both have a pen holder on  the side.  The foldover clipboard will generally have a pocket on the inside font cover to store extra papers.

Wooden Clipboard

The wooden clipboard that we stock are made of either masonite or hardboard.  The masonite A4 clipboards are water resistant and can withstand being in a fairly rigorous environment.  The masonite board is ideal for use on building sites or anywhere where there is wet weather.  The other type of wooden clipboard is the type made from hardboard and they are also hard wearing, but do not have the benefit of being waterproof.  Octopus are one of the few companies that supply A5 wooden clipboards.

Metal ClipboardsA3 Clipboard

A clipboard made from metal is less common these days, but they are the ultimate as far as durability is concerned.  The have a heavy duty clip and have an enamel coating which gives the board a smooth grey finish.  The steel clipboard is only available in the A4 / foolscap size.

A3 Clipboards

A3 clipboards are only made as standard in the wooden and masonite material.  They have a heavy duty chrome clip and are only available in landscape format.

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