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Many people sit at a desk for long periods of time, sometimes all day and without realising that they are sat in a slumped or twisted position.  Even if you have a good quality chair, there may still be a need to have a back supports to give extra lumbar support to the lower back and waist.

Back supports can help your back by improving your posture whilst sitting in your chair at your desk.  There are many designs too, some that are a cushion that will support your back and encourage you to sit up straight and others that mould around your body’s contours to offer a greater level of support to your spine and waist.

Fellowes Professional Back Support

Fellowes claim to make the most advanced back support in the industry, with the Fellowes Professional Series Ultimate Back Support.  The Fellowes Professional Series Ultimate Back Support has a mid-spine support with memory foam cushion.  The tri-tachment system doesn’t need any adjustment once fitted and lumbar support with 3 memory foam sections that conform to the body’s natural curvature.  This product also comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Fellowes Heat And Soothe Back Support

Fellowes also make the Professional Series Heat and Soothe Back Support, this support can be temperature controlled by being heated up or chilled.  The Fellowes Professional Series Heat and Soothe Back Support has a gel lumber pack that can be removed and heated up in the microwave or chilled in the refrigerator to give comfort to an aching back.  It has an adjustable strap that will fit to most chairs and has a slim profile with soft touch fabric.

Mesh Back Support

Mesh back supports are also popular and Octopus stock a selection varying in cost and specification.  These will attach to most operators chairs, to offer support in the lower back and waist.  Fellowes also make a portable lumbar support that has a compact cushion made from high density foam.  The portable lumbar can be fixed and removed easily for when you are on the move.

Back Support Next Day

You can order your back support with all of your normal day to day office supplies and stationery from Octopus.  Most back supports can be delivered all over the UK next day with no delivery charges and the same day in Manchester and Cheshire on most occasions.

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